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Surrendering a Pit Bull
Hello Bully wants to help keep Pit Bulls out of the shelter system. The sad truth is that most Pit Bulls do not do well in shelters. Pit Bulls are known for their love of people and without that human companionship, they can become very depressed. They are also active dogs, and need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Additionally, many Pit Bulls do have issues with dog aggression. Imagine having to live surrounded by other dogs all day every day, with constant triggers of this aggression. Pit Bulls can rapidly deteriorate in even he best of shelter conditions.

Another sad truth: less than 1 in 600 pit bulls will find a forever home. There are too many homeless dogs, and not enough good homes right now. The odds are not in your dog's favor. One thing is for sure, your dogs best chance is to stay with you. If you’re ready to surrender your dog, you may have already convinced yourself that your dog will be better off somewhere else. You may have already cried, mourned, and felt the guilt of giving up on your best friend. Take a deep breath – we really want to help you.

There are many reasons why people surrender their dog to a shelter. Sometimes, a dog’s behavior has gotten so out of control that you feel like you can’t take it anymore. Barking, chewing, jumping, digging, and hyperactivity top the list of behavior related reasons for surrender. Sometimes changes in our own lives such as moving, divorce, loss or change of employment make it a challenge to keep our dogs.

Dogs can test our patience when they are untrained or improperly trained. Maybe you feel like you've tried everything. But what if someone could give you a new set of training tools that could get you and your dog back on track? What if there is a piece of the puzzle that you’re missing through no fault of your own – and that piece could get you back to that happy time when things between you and your dog were good? Hello Bully can help you put it all back together.

If Hello Bully can help you keep your dog a part of your family, please email us at Our Behavior Team is versed in many positive training methods, and we can get you in touch with a positive dog trainer in the Pittsburgh area. This is a process that requires YOUR help and participation. You know how it feels to even consider giving up your dog. Now think of how great it will feel to find a solution.

Please note that we do not work with dogs outside the greater Pittsburgh area. To find a rescue or resources in your area, please visit Pit Bull Rescue Central.

Hello Bully does not accept surrenders at this time. We have a small facility with limited resources and we simply could not accommodate all of the requests that we receive. If you still feel you need to surrender your dog, we highly recommend the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center and the Western PA Humane Society. Both are open door shelters, and will not turn you away. They are savvy of the Pit Bull breed, and give every dog a fair chance.
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